Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Royal Baby Ramblings - viewpoints on the whole excitement from me and my daughter!!

Whilst watching all the coverage of the Cambridge's birth and the following celebrations I got called a Royalist! I would not say I was a Royalist exactly but as a history lover I think anything to do with the Royals will be talked about for years to come so I like to make sure I am aware of it and keeping an eye on current affairs! 
I did fully get caught up in the hype of watching the Lindo wing door on a live webcam even though I knew that the likelihood of seeing something was slim. I got so engrossed I even missed out on about 4 days worth of entering competitions! (Even the many comps that were about the Royal birth!!) Yesterday when I was waiting for the new family to emerge I even delayed making food for the kids so I didnt miss anything! So yeah perhaps you could say I have Royalist tendancies! 
But I never saw any significant Royal Births before and I do admire Will and Kate so much for their obvious love for one another so think they will do a fantastic job of combining royal duties with making happy memories. 
Watching the coverage was a first for me having been to young for Wills and Harry's - but to me this was even better because my kids watched it too we get to share the memory together. Now in years to come me and my little girl can say "Yeah we watched Cambridge Junior on the telly for his 1st royal wave!!" 

My daughter wrote some of her thoughts about it all down, so I thought I would include them on here to preserve them....
(From the mouth of an 8 year old girl.......)
"I think the Royal Baby will be a King full of courage and keep to the law. When I watched the News I thought he was so cute and I thought that Will and Kate will make good parents. I also think he will be clever when he is king! His mum and dad will look after him very well and the Queen will also love him."

It would be nice now if the family could have some time out from all the media intrusion, although I think William will ensure that they do! They should be able to go about things like walking in the park and meeting up with family without the fear of Paparazzi following them everywhere! But I probably have this view because of what happened to Princess Diana - you can't help but think of her at this emotional time. She would be so proud of how her two boys are handling themselves in this modern world! 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Where is my motivation?? (And not the Greenday lyrics but just in general!!)

Ive got no motivation (and even though I can not say that without the Greenday song dancing around my head) this lack of motivation is not helping with my blog posts!!
*What blog posts??? hahaha

I would like to say I have been super busy trying to change the world or training for a marathon - however that would be lying!! Ive spent more or less this past month trying to sort out the families financial situation seen as the other half is now unemployed due to his ill health! Entering competitions (for a change), battling with my ears and the ENT Docs (for a change!), helping kids with their homework (both have huge projects due in within 2 weeks). I have also been signing up to Uni after finally coming to a massive decision about my career!

So in a quick round up - being doing well with my competitions - won quite a lot this month (Feel free to check out the specific page on this blog dedicated to my wins!) had to sell quite a few of the prizes so I can afford clothes for the kids. But I have had some nice beauty treats which I have kept because like any other girl I like to have a bit of a pamper every now and again. I'm now trying to win a few things to put away for Christmas! I know that it is months away but unless my lotto numbers come up it will be a huge struggle financially - if I can win a few things to stash away and wrap up in December I am sure my purse would be grateful. So fingers crossed I will have a few more wins - I got a £10 cheque this morning so I am hoping it is a sign of things to come!

The financial situation is too boring to explain and I will end up going on a rant about the economic climate and current affairs - but slowly we are battling agencies and government policies to try and stay alive.

My ears are even more boring to talk about but its a massive part of me so I am not going to spare the details - since November 2012 they have been leaking that yucky gunk! Well finally they have just stopped piling me with Anti-biotics and drops and have changed their tune. Apparently it is mucus which is leaking from my ears - so I am now on an intensive course of flushing out my nasal passages for 6 weeks to see if this helps? At the moment it is painful on my sinus' and does not seem to be working on the wet lugs - but its early days and I want to give it a fair shot! In general my hearing is rubbish and sometimes even with my aids in sounds are muffled and can be difficult to understand! It is so depressing when it is constant and the hospital just seem to shrug it off as it is nothing. Would they like gunk dripping from their ears for 6 months? Probably not so why do they seem to think that it is nothing to me??

Oh and saved the most important update for last - IVE SIGNED UP TO UNI!! Again - and at the moment it is only Open University but I have studied with them before and am happy to have another couple of years with them whilst I try to sort out a degree! Because them I am going to a local Uni to do my PGCE which is Post Graduates Certificate of Education! I want to be a teacher! Well always wanted to be a teacher but life happened and circumstances told me otherwise! Well now since I have been volunteering with my daughters school I have realised how fulfilling and rewarding I find it so I figured why not reach for the stars and get my degree!!

So in a nutshell you have the reasons I have been absent from here for a while. I am sure I will add more updates on Uni and my ears in the future - I will also pick up my A-Z of dislikes when I get the chance!!