Thursday, 28 February 2013

COMPETITION LINK- Mac Lipstick - Blog competition

Win a lipstick from BBeautilicious Blog!

I have heard marvellous things about Mac Lipsticks from the many beauty posts I read. However I have never been fortunate to try it for myself. 
Not only would this competition allow me to try it but the winner gets to choose the colour so I could really get a shade that I like. 

A rafflecopter which allows up to 20 entries. 

Good luck

COMPETITION LINK - urban decay make up - Emily Fierce Blog

Don't know if anyone knows this already but there is an amazing competition going on over at

I am particularly interested in this prize because Urban Decay is my all time fave make up brand. But the only time I could ever afford some was when I won some Debenhams vouchers years ago! Needless to say that has run out now - so I would be so pleased to add this to my sparse make up collection. 

It goes without saying the blog itself is worth a read ( I don't just subscribe and follow any old blog!)

A rafflecopter form with a potential 29 entries and many options on how to follow. 27 days until it ends! 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The perfect Mother's Day outfit from Next!

My mum always get invited to go out with the in-laws but refuses because she says she feels like a poor relation. She has been registered disabled for many years, physically unable to work and living in constant daily pain. So in my opinion she deserves a posh slap up meal and evening out as much as her (not-very-nice) in-laws. (It is my step family - who coincidently do not like me neither because I was a teenage mum)

The Style Rawr!'s blogger competition gives me an opportunity to dress my Mum up albeit virtually - using I have selected what I believe to be perfect frock !!!

First is the Lipsy strapless embellished dress. 
The Lipsy Dress

At the reasonable price of £65 .The neutral colour would suit Mum and varied skirt layers would boost her confident . (She feels like most dresses fit wrong because she is short !!! )

Grey Metallic thread scarf. £12
Scarf with metallic thread

This is contrasting colour and would provide cover up and added warmth because March is not always a spring month weather wise. The metallic thread running through adds to the glam factor. 

Silver swirly Embellished clutch bag £30!
A fab and stylish bag

This matches the scarf perfectly and would hold her phone and purse and other essentials (mascara, perfume sample, eyeliner etc...) really well. 

Nude Jewelled Pointed Court Shoes £48  Glitzy shoes!

Back to the Nude colour scheme now but still with a bit of added bling. 
Mum loves her heels (which goes back to the short thing!) and this style is 
her favourite. As long as I have known her wardrobe has been filled with pointed court shoes and stilletos. 

Alan Hannah Spray Drop Earrings  £16

These are pretty and sparkly- need I say more? She also really likes flowers and I like the fact that pearl type gems are typically 'Mumsy' yet these aren't! 

Alan Hannah Spray Necklace  £38

This matches the earrings and I love how unusual it is. I think this is definetely a statement piece. 

Santuary Spa Youth Boosting Facial in a Box £16
A special treat

This is just an extra treat because she deserves it! If she was having a meal out then she should feel pampered before she goes!! 

I must admit my 8 year old daughter has helped me select a lot of these items and I do think grandma would be pleased with her choices. 

If you want to create the perfect Next Outfit for your mum then check out the post on The Style Rawr! You could be a lucky winner! 

COMPETITION LINK- The Pre-Trender - Amazing giveaway

I have found another amazing competition on an amazing blog called The Pre-Trender. 
The prizes include - 

A Radley Exclusive Tote bag
Jergens  Ultra Healing Body Moisturiser
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion 5ml
Label M - Shine Spray
VO5 Smoothly does it frizz free creme
Max Factor Glossfinity Angel Nails
Max Factor Nailfinity Red Passion
Missguided Lipsplash
Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara. 

Some of the prizes are from the recent London Fashion week and some are goodies that the host has held back for this special prize! I am sure you all agree with me how amazing it is?? 

It is a rafflecopter form with many entries and there are many ways you can continue to check out the latests posts - you can sign up with GFC or Bloglovin. 

COMPETITION LINK - Pretty In Pink giveaway

So as a treat there is a competition running on there! 
Nu age skin loc transformation gift set ideal for mother's day? 

So here is the link to check the blog out, maybe learn something new and pop your name down into the giveaway! Enter here ....

A rafflecopter form with many options to enter - however it ends in 8 days so you need to get your name down quick if you are interested! 

Good luck xx

COMPETITION LINK - Ravi Famous dress


A rafflecopter giveaway through facebook. You need to like Ravi famous on Facebook and then there are options to like on Twitter etc.... in total you can make 21 entries - with the option of daily ones to increase your chances even more! 

Ends in 8 days! 

Deleting old Competition links.

This is not just a place for competitions and I do love to share when I come across them however I am thinking there are just too many links for competitions and it shadows the 'proper' posts. You know the ones where I ramble on and rant away!!!!

So now I will delete the competition posts when the closing date has been reached! This will also stop the annoyance of clicking on a competition that is no longer valid!

Sorry if this bothers people who look on here for the odd comp - I just hate clutter and feel like there is too many posts which clutter this page up!!!!

However I will keep updating new comps I find on here and my hope is that one day in the future (When I have enough followers) that I will be able to run a few comps of my own!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Frustration and a gum shield!

So after another trip to the ENT hospital about my ears I am no clearer on how long this problem of mine is going to last! 
It was an early appointment but we dropped our daughter off at school and hurried there, this time they could do a hearing test- the drops had thankfully cleared my ears enough. So I sat there with the super sexy rubber headphones and got increasingly worried that I could not hear half as many beeps as I should! This means my hearing is even worse! Which I knew anyway! 
So we dutifully waited to see the specialist, it was one I had seen before so I was reassured that he would listen to me and my concerns and hopefully he would sympathise with my problem! Which he did - he understood exactly how frustrating and debilitating it has been having this leaky infection for over 2 months now. But there is not a lot he can do - he suctioned my left ear out (yuck) which helped increase hearing levels in that ear. Reassured me that contrary to what the Doctor said last time the T-Tube they fitted in my ear IS still there. He then examined the right ear - which is the one that gives me the most pain and worry. Apparently it is an healthy ear and the pain is coming from my jaw and not my ear. So now I am to spend 2 weeks on Ibuprofen to reduce any inflammation and buy a gum shield to wear at night, with the hope of it stopping me grinding my teeth. I also have to stop smoking!! (I know I need to stop smoking - its easier said than done!!!!!) I got given more drops to try and reduce the bit of infection residing in my left ear and another appointment for 3 weeks to see if these simple steps have helped with the pain! 
If the infection does not go then it could mean having the T Tube removed which brings me back to an inverted eardrum! 

I am just left frustrated and annoyed! I feel like the pain is definitely in my ear and not the jaw, but maybe I will be proved wrong?! 
I've been told the smoking will mean I never fully get rid of the infection - but the cynic in me believes that Doctors advise you to stop smoking as a matter of course no matter what the illness or problem! 

But I am going to follow advice and buy a gum shield, take regular anti-inflammatories and try to reduce the smoking. We will see in 3 weeks what the next step is! 

I am not bothered I need hearing aids - that I have learnt to live with! However I do not want to spend my whole life with gunk leaking out of my ears on a regular basis. 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Competition Link - Some sparkle and shine!

You fed up of all these blog competition links yet? haha

This is another fantastic prize - its the items in the photo above! From  Some Sparkle and Shine! 

A rafflecopter competition ENTER HERE

Only 3 days left on it - so entries need to be in quick! 

The blog is a good read too - especially if you like sparkly and shiny things!! 

Competition Link - Love from Sammie - beauty prizes!!

Another amazing blog and beauty competition found online! 

The blog is called Love from Sammie and features some really informative and interesting posts and this competition she is hosting is amazing!

You can win 

W7 Nail bead set
W7 Lip plumping gloss
And Nicole Roberts Dainty doll lipstick

Good luck everyone! 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

COMPETITION LINK - 3 Fab Prizes!! The Jewel Beauty

THE JEWEL BEAUTY blog is running a competition to celebrate over 1000 followers! 
This giveaway has 3 prizes and you need to leave a comment on the page saying which item you would like and why. I know that's tough because all 3 items are fab... but how lovely you get to choose!

Prize 1 - Chanel Glossimer Of Your Choice!

Prize 2 - Elemis FreshSkin Discovery Kit

Prize 3 - John Freida Full Repair Intensive Mask

It is a Rafflecopter form with many ways to enter and it ends on the 22nd March so a few weeks yet to put your name down! 

As before though - check the blog out- don't just enter the competition. You can learn some really useful things. 

Competition link - OPI nail varnishes

This is an international give away with 19 days still left to enter! 
I don't know about you guys but I am always happy to add to my nail varnish collection - and with this giveaway you have a chance to do just that!! 

This is another good blog that I follow and read regularly so again - not just a worthwhile comp but a good read too!

Good luck xxx

COMPETITION LINK - amazing bag from Blondie's Style Fix

I have found a few more competitions online for everyone else who reads this to enter - obviously if they like the prizes as much as me!!

This has to be the cutest bag ever!! It is adorable! Blondie's Style fix Blog  is the fabulous person running the competition as as treat for having 200 followers - and as I usually say the blog is a worthwhile read as well as running this fantastic prize draw!! So don't just enter the comp - check out some posts too!!

It is a rafflecopter competition - with loads of ways to enter - and it doesn't end for 20 days so plenty of time to get your entries in!!

Good luck to whoever wins this - because it truly is unique and eyecatching and cute!!


Saturday, 23 February 2013

My reading so far.... 26 books in 2013

 I know I have always read a lot of books, well a lot of everything; shampoo bottles when in the bath , packets of food when I am cooking etc... But it is only now I have started making a note of them HERE that I realise just how much I read!

26 books so far (23rd Feb)

I love reading and have done since I was little, I was once told by my paternal Grandma that I used to wait for my dad to come home from work so I could pinch his newspaper to read - I was 2!

Since then I have moved onto 'proper books' and enjoy a wide variety of genres. To fund this addiction I make the most of my local library, where I live there is a function to log online and reserve books free of charge. This means I don't have to spend hours walking around with my neck to one side as I browse the titles on the shelves.  Don't get me wrong I love browsing books but it can be a bit repetitive week in week out. But now I just log onto and check out my recommendations then reserve them online at the library.

Yeah I might have to wait for the latest releases, but I can always do research on which books I would like to read which are similar and then try another author in the meantime, and this way I still get to have a book to hand without  it costing any money.

I feel odd without a book on the go, even more odd when I have not got any on my 'to read shelf'. Am I the only reader who feels like this?...

Competition link - E-tailwebstores goodie bag worth £187

Couldn't resist posting this link - because it is such an amazing prize - that might be something to do with my sweet tooth and the jelly beans though! 
As well as the sweets you can win some amazing watches, a clutch bag and a ring. So there is something for everyone!! 

A rafflecopter giveaway through Facebook again, 6 days to enter this one. 

And if you do run a blog I seriously recommend checking out the company who run this (E-tail PR) I have joined just recently but think as a company and website it is useful. 

Good luck !!! 

Competition link - FD avenue voucher and hair goodies

Found another amazing competition which I want to share with everyone! 
This closes on Monday (2days) so you need to get entries in quick. 

It is run by FD Avenue and you can get £100 store credit plus an amazing Yogi hair styling gift.

Using a Rafflecopter form on a Facebook page this is a fab competition to put you name down for, so click on THIS LINK HERE and have a go - just think how much you would be able to treat yourself with that much store credit?!

Good luck everyone xxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

TV I love at the moment!

Being a family with not many pennies we go out very rarely. TV is my evenings entertainment - and if there is a programme I consider fab then it can sometimes help me get through the day. (Yeah I know I need a life and I am sure when the kids are a bit older and I am working then there will be more to my evenings than something good on the box.)

At the moment I have quite a few favourite programmes -

This is historical and has graphic violent scenes in and it is this type of drama and viewing I prefer over anything. I have read a lot of literature about Jack the Ripper and the era that he terrorised the community; so I especially like that this is set in the same time period but only has echoes of the devastation the mysterious Ripper created.
Now the story has developed answers have been given to questions raised by the American characters and it all ties in to worldwide current affairs. I have read somewhere this show has been given another series so I am excited at what is in store.

CALL THE MIDWIFE (BBC)  Another series based in another era. I actually read all the books before this series began last year. I loved these books and nearly had kittens when I discovered it was to be made for TV. Now we are nearing the end of the second series I am hoping that the powers that be allow us the pleasure of a 3rd set of Poplar adventures.
The main reason I like watching Nurse Jenny and co. is because each episode has highs and lows, it takes the viewer on a real journey. An episode which can bring tears to your eyes is balanced out with a heart warming tale which restores faith in human kindness or human nature. It also highlights just how diabolical living conditions were not 70 years ago, so again an educational programme which has made my children ask some interesting questions about life back then.

With even more blood and drama then Ripper St, the whole three series' of this programme has excited me. It has everything I like in a programme - cute (half naked men), quite naughty bedroom scenes and graphic but believable realistic fighting. The dialogue adds to the authenticity of the script and although it is spoken as it would be back in Roman times it is still easy to understand and follow.
I was upset when I heard that this would be the final 10 episodes- but it is a story that reached a conclusion in real life so it needs to reach a conclusion in the TV programme. I feel like I must also mention that Andy Whitfield who played Spartacus did unfortunately pass away in 2011 so as viewers we are lucky he recorded these for us to enjoy.

Not liking Kevin Bacon much I was not that interested initially in watching this. However benefit of the doubt and all that... and my conclusion is that although he is a OK actor and plays a good character I still don't like him much. But I do like the concept of this programme and can see how a cult following could occur in real life society. In fact as I was watching it this week I found it so tense... I honestly can't remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat so much when I was watching something. It has only been a few episodes so the tension and drama may diminish as they progress but I will definitely be sticking around to give it a chance.

There is a lot of other TV that I watch on a regular basis - but at this moment in time these 4 are the ones that I look forward to on an evening!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

RANT - The current meat scandal!

I have been writing on here for many weeks now and still have not really had a rant... which is what the blog is named for. So I've made the decision to voice my opinions on the meat scandal that is in the UK headlines at the moment. 

I understand this might offend some people and for that I apologise but I feel like I want to make a note of this topic for reference in later years. (Look at me planning on years worth of writing this blog!! - haha

Without going on too much about the facts - which can be found on most British news sites - it has come to light that Horse meat has been sold in many products within the food market. I have two main issues with this; 

INCORRECT FOOD LABELLING - I am a meat eater, my children eat meat too and I believe animals can be breed for meat and food purposes. However I do think that all food should be labelled with the exact product that it contains. Personally I have tried several of the more 'unusual' meats like Ostrich and Kangaroo- so I would not be adverse to trying Horse. But I do want to know what I am eating and in turn feeding my children. 

THE USE OF DANGEROUS CHEMICALS IN THE FOOD CHAIN - If Horse has been introduced to the general food chain and the meat is not regulated then there is the risk of ingesting chemicals which are dangerous to us. Again because I am feeding children this is a huge worry to me as I imagine it is to many other parents? 

I am not here to try and challenge the government and I am not (totally) anti-government but I do believe that the root of all this scandal lies at their hands. Slowly over the past few years the economy has worsened and normal working families are struggling to provide healthy meals for their kids. Parents are even going without meals to make sure that their kids have enough food. I am sure more mums and dads would love to be able to afford a weekly trip to a proper butcher with controlled meat products but it is simply too expensive to afford the best meat all the time. Therefore cheaper products are bought and it is these inferior ones that are the main issue. 

Thankfully when I do purchase ready made burgers I do only buy the better brands, but what about the families that can only afford the 8 for a £1 variety? I can only imagine their worry, and it doesn't exactly install us with hope when the Big Boss managers of these stores admit they wouldn't even eat their own products. 

The more that comes to light in the news about the economy and how messed up the countries finances are it is becoming more apparent that there is a 'Rich / Poor' divide again and the gap is widening between the two.  The government officials do not seem worried that their children will potentially be affected by the meat scandal but then again I can't see them shopping at cheaper budget supermarkets when they can afford organic and the best products.

I can't see much changing in the short run, but I do hope that it does not come to light about ill effects in people because they have ingested inferior products. Unfortunately it may take something like that for the politicians to sit up and realise not all of us are privileged enough to shop in 'proper' places. And not all of us are educated enough to be able to provide a cheap but balanced and healthy diet for our children. Reporters on day time TV can see it, the general public can see it but our representatives in Westminster seem to be blind to the problem. 

I would be interested in seeing what other 'normal' people think to this current news topic..... 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

COMPETITION LINK - daisy meadow - beauty goodies!

It is a while since I have done a competition link - and this post combines both my love of blogs and my love of competitions. Daisy meadow Is a blog I subscibe too and I because I get all excited when there is the chance to win something from a site which already has excellent posts I was really pleased to come across this; plus I get a chance to share the opportunity with anybody who may read this!!

The lovely goodies include Urban Decay Basics Palette, Real Techniques Core Collection & Bioderma 250ml
so if like me you love these items pop on over and use the rafflecopter form to enter for yourself!

Don't just enter the competition though take a while and look at some of the other posts, you might find you enjoy them as much as me!


Prize - Stardust perfume set.

Back in January I received an email telling me I had won a Stardust set from 
Just like the next person I love winning competitions and because times are hard and the pennies are being well and truly pinched I never get to treat myself to new smellies!! So this was a double treat.

It did take a while to receive the parcel but once I did I was super impressed. Not only do you get a full size bottle of perfume but there is a handbag sized one, a body lotion and some shower gel too. The fragrance suits me - because I don't just think that a perfume should smell just how you like it - I believe the perfume should fit you too. I particularly like how the smell stays and doesn't wear off. But I also like the blue appearance in the bottle too - I am a bit odd like that. 

So all in all I am very pleased - this is definitely a time when my comping obsession has paid off! 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

3 Appointments 1 day (hospital and School!)

Tuesday the 12th was a busy day for me - finally I had an appointment with the specialist who operated on my ears. Since I had been having non-stop trouble with them I was looking forward to hopefully getting some answers and knowing why they have not stopped leaking. However it was not going to be that straight forward.

It had been several months since my hearing aids had been serviced and the tubes were becoming brittle so needed replacing, trying to save petrol I made the appointment at audiology for roughly the same time as my ENT appointment. Arriving on time we were seen by a lovely lady who changed my tubes and insisted on trying to talk to me whilst I wasn't wearing them, you would think that someone used to working with people hard of hearing she would wait until I could hear before speaking!! haha

Tubes changed I was pleased that had gone easily with no issues - it wasn't until I got home I realised that she had cut them the wrong lengths and it was rubbing me!! But hubby managed to sort that thankfully!!

Anyway as I was waiting to see the specialist I got sent for a hearing test, this is a must before any hearing appointment. But the guy doing the tests told me he couldn't do it until my ears had been suctioned because there was too much 'gunk' in them! (My words not his!!!) so back to the waiting room we went! Eventually we were called to see the specialist after been sat in total for about an hour. She attempted to suction my ears out - which is a very unpleasant experience and then informed me that the T-tube they fitted in the operation was not there anymore!! I am renowned for loosing things but this was implanted into my body so was not something I had expected to misplace. Then she informed me that because my ears were so 'wet' (her words) she couldn't do anything else until I had used a course of drops to dry them out!!

So all in all it felt like a complete waste of time and I was super frustrated that the operation was not a success and that they couldn't tell me anything there and then! It also took several hours for me to cope with the pain the suctioning had caused and the pain the ear drops give me when I put them in. But as i spoke to hubby about it I realised it was probably a good thing because now they have seen me when my ears are at their worst and have a vague idea of how I am coping daily! (Or not coping!) Now it is a case of waiting for the drops to hopefully dry my ears out and seeing where we go next. I am not prepared to be in pain with pressure and leaking ears forever so I will be making sure when we visit again in a couple of weeks that I make my feelings clear! The operation was painful and I didn't want it anyway but I believed it was for the best so I went ahead - now it seems like it was a waste of time and has caused me more problems! But we shall see......

My final appointment of the day was my little girls parents evening! And it was Proud mummy time - she is an excellent pupil and more importantly in my opinion a lovely and polite child who is always offering to help the others in her class who are not as fast / efficient at their work. The only  (minor) problem is the issue of her wanting to be everyone's friend when she does not always get on with them so then the teacher has to solve silly little girl arguments. But this is true for several girls in her class and something I have spoken to her teacher about a few times. We have reached the conclusion that this group of girls have a love hate relationship and is something that might not be fixed until they all mature that bit more - if ever cos some girls can be clique all the time. In general though her attitude and school work are fabtastic so I am more than pleased and made her well aware that she was doing brill!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My guide to competitions - You gotta be in it to win it!

As you can see from the posts on here it is obvious that I like entering competitions. I have been doing them for over 10 years now on and off and have picked up several hints, tips and useful knowledge about the world of online competitions.

I am not saying that I am the ultimate comping champion - there are other really successful blogs and people out there with a lot more experience than me. But still I would like to make my mark and share my opinion, if it helps anyone then it's a bonus!

Why do we enter competitions? (in my opinion) I think mainly it is the excitement, everyone can be skeptical about the odds and chances of winning. That is until you hear you have won your first prize - skepticism soon turns to feverish searches of other competitions you can enter and eagerly waiting for an email (WEM), phone call or surprise delivery off the postman! It becomes like a buzz / addiction and even the little wins can provide excitement. I also think the current economic climate plays a part in the massive rise of compers. Money is so tight for everyone that the little wins can mean a treat for the family or a pampering session for yourself.

Where to find competitions? 

  • I've previously mentioned which I still use daily because they have a clear and concise method of listing comps as well as providing a tracker system so you know what you have entered. I tend to go on the new competitions list and then check on the closing date list to make sure I have not missed any I wish to enter. It is worth checking back a few times as the new competitions list is updated throughout the day.

  • There is also which is a forum based site now, but as I have been logging in on a regular basis I have discovered that it is equally useful in finding other competitions. It can be a bit harder to navigate with just list after list - but there are some hidden gems of competitions on there. Like prizefinder you need to register with the site. Reading the forums it is a very friendly bunch of compers and they are ready to offer help and support where they can. 

  • On facebook there are several groups I have come across that generally focus on the thousands of comps on social networking sites. Competition Addicts is one of these and it may be a small group but with people helping to post competitions then I think it will grow and be a useful tool in comping success.

  • Another facebook group is UK freebies and competitions an even smaller group which focuses on only competitions that are shared on Facebook and contain no links to another webpage. Occasionally competition can be found on here that are no where else so it is worth checking out. 

What do I think of Facebook / Twitter comps?
I do like comps on facebook and twitter and over the past 6 months have had a bit of joy from both these sites. The groups mentioned above provide valuable comping buddies who help share the comps and keep an eye out for your name in a winning post.
There are downsides though, some people who don't like entering giveaways can get frustrated with the amount of likes and shares that you do. I think I have 'lost' quite a few school friends from my FB feed because I post too many posts about comps. But I am not particularly close to old school friends so have not gone to the effort of making a separate account just for comping. If people don't like all my posts then they have the option to delete me or change the settings so they don't see so many things they don't want to.

How do you know if you have won on Facebook / twitter?
Readers of my blog will know that I have missed several prizes through twitter and facebook because there are that many notifications your name can get lost. Some companies who run the comps can not tag you in a post to highlight the fact you are a lucky winner and even if you have selected to get all notifications from the company there is still the off chance your name can be missed.  is a website that helps you check if your name has appeared on social networking sites. It is free to use and most importantly easy to use, simply type in your name in the search box and put congratulations or winner next to it and press search. I do this several times a week to make sure I have not missed a prize.

There are also groups on FB which copy and past all the winning posts they come across - here people can tag you and highlight the fact you have won.

The winners circle  is a really popular group with a lot of updates on purely people that are named as winners.

Competition checkers  is another one - although this allows you to add to a document when you win something and offers some other general comping advice.

Both these groups in my opinion are worth joining and checking regular - if you are a competition addict!!

Rafflecopter competitions. 
Increasingly Rafflecopter forms are been used by blogs and independent companies through FB to run competitions.

Personally I love rafflecopter competitions because you get many ways of gaining extra entries and you can visibly see how many people are in the running for the same prize as you.
I use my FB account to enter them but using your email to log in is an option that some people may prefer.

Over the past couple of months I have won several prizes from these kinds of comps and always found the people who have run them to be friendly and approachable.

Other competition blogs which are invaluable! 

Here are the links for some other blogs which explain in a much better way than me about competitions, they also run a few themselves on occasion.

Competition Grapevine

A winning touch

Super Lucky

If you like entering comps as much as me then perhaps you should check these out and see if there is any advice and tips that will help you?

Update positive, competition wins and puppies!

It has not all been doom and gloom however.

On the competitions side I have had some joy because the other day I received 2 parcels and was notified about 2 wins. All in the same day!!  I got some fantastic nail varnish through a blog and some herbal botanics cream which looks to be amazing stuff. And I am still waiting on £100 love2shop vouchers being delivered and some erotic fiction. It is these wins like these which give you incentive to keep entering more competitions whilst crossing your fingers that one day the 'Big Prize' will come my way.

I do update my competition win page when I receive a prize so as soon as my new wins come my way I will be adding to that list!!

On another note we are getting a puppy. I did mention this on the post I wrote on my birthday, but now they have been born. It is my mums dog which is a mixed breed spaniel type heinz 52 pooch and on the 5th Feb she delivered 4 healthy puppies. Although times are tough we believe another dog will help Cherry the pooch we already have, and the kids adore animals so in a couple of months we will have a new baby to add to the household. (The hardest thing is choosing which one to get because they are all so incredibly cute!!)

There are a few people who have mentioned in passing that we must be silly to get another dog when we are going through a tough time. But it means to afford it I need to cut down on my smoking, this will be hard but worth it for the kids and my health. I firmly believe pets are a benefit to children and a household, and because my ears are so bad I always feel reassured that I have a furry friend to help me out when someone is at the door or the kids are shouting me! (A doorbell on legs! someone said the other day!)

When I have photos and other news on this new addition then I will do another post!! But I am like a big kid and so excited!

Update - negative (Depression and ear problems!)

It has been a few days since I have written anything on here, I have got a few draft posts ready to finish and then publish but nothing new has gone up in ages.

I've had a bad time lately, battling with my depression and my ears, but it is a catch 22 situation because my ears have been so bad it has increased the fed up and down emotions I am going through. A couple of days ago the gunkyness stopped in my right ear, however the pain from the pressure build up started. I keep hoping for the leaking to start so I can get rid of this intense and annoying pain but no joy. I have put off going to the GP though, mainly because I have a hospital appointment on Tuesday with the surgeon who operated on my ears. I am partly dreading this because I think they will end up suctioning all the crap out of my ears but at the same time I need this constant problem to stop so I am 100% fit for work, when I eventually find work.  Needless to say my hearing is up and down with this, some days I feel as if i am under water and everything is muffled even when I have my aids in. When I have not got them in I live in a world where only the noisiest sounds are heard.

My depression hasn't just been made worse by my ears though, as a family at the moment we are struggling financially. I know a lot of families are in the same boat so I am trying not to complain too much but through the week my other half was served his notice at work on the grounds of ill health. It was not unexpected and he has 7 weeks to be redeployed in suitable non manual work but still it increases the pressures our family are going through.

I am constantly looking for work which is emotionally draining, I know I have not worked for so long and I am not ideal for telephone work or work in a noisy environment but even places like Asda and Lidl do not seem to look at my CV properly. I have a lot of qualifications but they are academic and maybe this is working against me? Who knows? I do know however that I will be persistent  I do not just need work for the financial reasons but mentally I need to be more than a mum who sits at home tidying up, entering competitions and cooking meals.

Finally - there is no joy on the laptop front yet. We got a new motherboard from the USA but it doesn't seem to work and money has totally run out now! I am currently using the oldest and loudest laptop we have. It sounds like an hairdryer and keeps over heating and closing down so a tad annoying. I am grateful that I have got something that I can use to write and enter competitions but the sooner I have a fully working less temperamental machine the better!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

January - the month I turned 30. (An overview)

Well although I am a day late the month of January is now over. Like many others I do generally feel fed up and skint in the month following Christmas. But having always had a birthday at the end of the month I do have something to look forward to which helps me through the 'down' days.

This blog has been running over a month now and I am so surprised and pleased to have now had over 500 people viewing it. I am still learning a lot about blogging, including the etiquette etc... But I don't think I have offended anyone yet!!

I know I write a lot of competition posts with a lot of links for you guys to enter the comps, I post lots because I enter a lot. But because I don't want to be predominantly a competition blog I am trying not to post too many. Perhaps when I finally find a job I won't post the comps but write more about lifestyle and family things? Who knows....? The aim of this blog was not to focus on one thing alone so because of that I am trying to vary it.

So my January was hard, financially and emotionally. My laptop broke leaving us with 3 broken laptops in the house. I've had no call back from the thousands of jobs I am applying for. Sick pay has been brought into force for my husband so incoming money reduced to a worrying figure. My son has been upset because still no sign or contact from his biological father. Both me and hubby still suffering from the operations we had in November last year. This ear infection has been going on for over 2 months and I have had loads of different antibiotics to try and get rid of it. Thank fully the children seem to have escaped illness (touch wood)  so it could have been worse!

I am trying to stick to the list of goals that I wrote on here - I'm looking for work on a daily basis, slowly de-cluttering the house, I am logging on weekly to see if there are new council houses for us. Each day I am trying to achieve something positive, but there are days when even the littlest task seems too hard, the delights of living with depression I guess?

All in all though I am pleased with myself, I have had more good days than bad and am actively trying to change and better my life rather than sit and mope like I did last year!