Monday, 31 December 2012

What I hope to achieve from this blog of mine.

There are so many blogs out there so why am I writing mine? And what am I hoping to achieve from it? 

I'm not expecting millions of subscribers or monetary rewards - I mainly want to put my opinions across with maybe the occasional rant at society or my life. 

But I like the idea of preserving my ideas/ opinions/ memories for prosperity. I've done a lot of diaries and journals over the years and I've always considered them historical documents in the making. (I said I loved history!) I like the idea of people in hundreds of years reading my ramblings and taking something from them. Blogs are the future. 

I also want to try and get across how difficult it can be in daily life living with hearing issues. I suffer from depression too so some elements of my battle will inevitable end up on these pages. But I just want to highlight that hearing problems can affect all ages - and how those problems can result in some humorous  embarrassing annoying problems. 

I will say sometimes my entries will be all over the place especially over the next few weeks as I attempt to tell you more detail about me and my life etc.... its also a massive learning curve for me so pictures and links will be added but I make no promises on how fantastic they will be. 

Some people may also not like my opinions - I can be open-minded and volatile on occasion. But all opinions are my own so any problems just contact me via the various options on my page. 

Sunday, 30 December 2012

My 1st blog - about me

The 1st post!! 

All about me; 

I am totally new to this blogging malarky - however after looking at other peoples blogs and how much support and fun they seem to have has encouraged me to start my own. 

I've called it muffled rants - mainly because my world is muffled. Let me explain - I need to wear hearing aids otherwise I can't hear words. I'm not 100% deaf and can lip read to a degree but telly is a no-go (unless its subtitled) and in general day to day life I can struggle - even with the aids in. 
I don't want to just write about my impediment though - there are lots of other things that make me stand out and make me.... well me!! 

I love tattoos and piercings and will try to add some photos of my collection as I extend my blog. I read a lot, I crochet, I adore entering competitions (which is why I came across so many amazing blogs!), I enjoy writing, learning about history. I cook and bake, I am a life long chocoholic and coffee-holic!

So that's what I like! 

But that's not all - I'm approaching my 30th year (27th January), I've been married for 8 years, I have 2 amazing children (11yr old boy & 8yr old girl) and a pretty fab stepson too (he is 17). Oh best not forget our dog too - we adore dogs in our house!
At the moment I am trying to look for work, obviously the job market isn't as big for me because I am limited. (Noisy environments and lots of telephone calls not an option!) But my hubby is off sick so is willing to take care of the household duties whilst I try to start my career - having had the kids young I put it all on hold. 

Thats enough for now I think - I do tend to ramble on when I write! However as I get the hang of this blogging I am sure I will fill people in more. I'm sure you are all very interested. ?!?! 

If there is anything you want to know - just leave a comment - any tips on doing this blog thing- leave a comment!! haha