Monday, 31 December 2012

What I hope to achieve from this blog of mine.

There are so many blogs out there so why am I writing mine? And what am I hoping to achieve from it? 

I'm not expecting millions of subscribers or monetary rewards - I mainly want to put my opinions across with maybe the occasional rant at society or my life. 

But I like the idea of preserving my ideas/ opinions/ memories for prosperity. I've done a lot of diaries and journals over the years and I've always considered them historical documents in the making. (I said I loved history!) I like the idea of people in hundreds of years reading my ramblings and taking something from them. Blogs are the future. 

I also want to try and get across how difficult it can be in daily life living with hearing issues. I suffer from depression too so some elements of my battle will inevitable end up on these pages. But I just want to highlight that hearing problems can affect all ages - and how those problems can result in some humorous  embarrassing annoying problems. 

I will say sometimes my entries will be all over the place especially over the next few weeks as I attempt to tell you more detail about me and my life etc.... its also a massive learning curve for me so pictures and links will be added but I make no promises on how fantastic they will be. 

Some people may also not like my opinions - I can be open-minded and volatile on occasion. But all opinions are my own so any problems just contact me via the various options on my page. 

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