Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A catch up with me..... (kids, easter, comping, Maggie Thatcher and life in general)

Firstly I was going to apologies for not writing in so long.... but then I figured that I have never set a rule to what and when I will update this blog of mine so I should not feel so guilty for not been on here in a while!!!!

I haven't been particularly busy as such I have just been entering a lot of competitions. My hubby on sick now and his sick pay run out so we are 'attempting' to live on £800 a month. I say attempting because it is so hard and emotionally draining with every day been a battle to sort out some money and battle some other organisation. Looking for jobs is depressing when you have been trying for so long and sometimes life just seems cruel and unfair!! So I have been on a comping frenzy to win things to make me smile and things to make my life easier! I haven't done bad if you check out my comping prize tab!

I've still been on the job hunt, and trying to settle in our new puppy (Buddy) and the Easter holidays were a fab time to chill with my kids without the early school runs and homework panic! But I was happy to see them off in their uniforms yesterday morning ready for a day of not been at beck and call every 2 seconds! I'm human and although I love my babies they are full of energy and noise and beans..... a break from them is needed once in a while. (And I get no help from our parents or families so the only time out we get is when they at school!!)

My ears have still been bad... it has got to the stage where they are bad all the time so I am used to gunk leaking all the time!! Nice imagery I know but its not nice to live with neither! I really need to make another hospital appointment and see the specialist!

Finally in this rambling mess of a post MAGGIE THATCHER... I am in the group of people who are disgusted with the amount of expense and fuss that is been made over her funeral. I do agree she needs to be shown some respect but not to the extent that it has been planned. Coming from Yorkshire I know many people who were affected by the mining strikes and other protests that happened when I was a twinkle in my dads eye! (My grandad always worked down the pits and suffered lots of upset at the hands of this woman.) I admire her straight talking and everything she did for feminism but still think she caused more problems for people than she solved. Out country is in a financial mess and children and their parents are going without meals to survive and yet the country is paying to bury a woman who caused financial hardship for many. Why can't her own funds  pay for the funeral? She must have plenty of money and so must her family who did well off her name... so why dont they put their hands in their pockets and the money tax payers have spent on her funeral could be used for families who can't afford to eat?

So there a rambling post complete with a rant... not everyone will agree with me but I wanted to have my say non the less.....

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