Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 My hopes and aspirations

I am not going to call them my resolutions - mainly because I never, ever, ever stick to them. This year I have decided to rename them hopes and aspirations (although I know it means the same thing!) 

  • FIND A JOB - this will be hard with my disabilities but I am staying positive that there is a position out there for me. I've revamped my CV and am checking the good job websites daily - I even applied for a Shop assistant job at 9am this morning - that's dedication. 
  • KEEP SEARCHING FOR A NEW HOUSE - on the council waiting list and it operates on a Bid system so I need to make sure every week I log in and express my interest on those houses that are in the right area and the right size. 
  • REDUCE THE AMOUNT I SMOKE - this is one of those I make every year. My main problem though is I am at home on the laptop too much - I am hoping that the more I am out of the house with my new job(!) I will smoke less. Its all willpower - and I don't have much of that! 
  • KEEP WRITING - I always feel better when I have written something, can be creative story stuff or just rambling on here or in my paper diary thing. I need to keep up with this for my own piece of mind.
  • TAKE MORE PHOTOS- this is to preserve more memories. I have a camera phone so always have the means to take photos - yet rarely do. There are even less photos of me around - i know I am not the most photogenic - but surely the more photos are taken the more likely I am of finding one of me that I like?? haha
  • DO MORE CROCHET - I set myself the mission to learn last year - and although I have learnt the basics and can make play/ toy food and teddies etc... I want to do more and hopefully sell some - I did attempt selling some through ebay - but think I need to look at other avenues now. (I will put some photos on here at somepoint - all my creations!! ) 
  • ENTER LOADS MORE COMPETITIONS -  had a bit of success with the advent competitions over Xmas - so now I am hoping my luck with extend into 2013. 
  • DECLUTTER MY HOUSE - I have loads of things that we no longer need - clothes, books, toys, etc... I have trouble throwing things out. I am not a hoarder but sentimental. When you are forever dodging clutter there is no room for sentiment. Therefore need to sell some stuff, donate it etc.... 
Going to leave the list at that for now! I dont think I will achieve them all - but at least writing it down on here  I have the opportunity to check back in a bit and maybe prompt myself to tick more off. 

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