Friday, 2 August 2013

Broken arms and operations - the 2nd week of summer holidays! ! ! ! ! !

So it is the 2nd week of the school holidays and I decide that my son (who is 12) needs to come off his XBox for a bit and get some fresh air and exercise. With 2 dogs needing to burn off some excess energy and a 8 yr old daughter wanting to go on a bike ride I had the bright idea of taking them all the field at the top of my street!
It was about 3pm on Tuesday and the sun was shining and all 4 of them were having fun..... until my son fell off his bike! As a mum you can tell with the pitch and tone of their cry that they are in pain so without thinking I set off into a sprint to see what was up with him!
Holding his arm gingerly he said "Mum Ive broken my arm!!"
As you can see from the photo it really did look like he had done some damage! It was banana shaped!!! 
So we took him to the local Accident department where he was seen very quickly. An xray did confirm that it was broken but the break was bad with the bones not aligning! He had a plaster cast put on and then another xray which told us that unfortunately he needed an operation to realign the bones so they healed right! 
The hospital we were in did not have an orthopaedic team so we ended up travelling to Pinderfields hospital- children's ward. With his operation first on the list for the following morning we brought him home so he could rest here and have some nice food - I am firm in my belief that you feel better in your own surroundings! It was a bad night for both of us though - I didn't get a wink of sleep and he only managed a hour at the most! He was in so much pain!! 
By 7am Wednesday morning we were back in the children's ward and he was booked in for his surgery. I went down with him for his general and found it so difficult to see him so vulnerable and in pain - but thankfully all went well and he didn't need a pin putting in. By 1pm we were at MacDonalds drive through buying him his happy meal to take home! 
Settled on the sofa his shock finally set in and he was sick a lot - he still couldn't sleep much because he couldn't get comfy but he looked a little bit better than the day before! 

Now it is 2 days later and although he is fed up - he doesn't hurt and can almost manage to get back on his Xbox!! 

We have some more appointments at the clinic to see that it is healing right but hopefully things will go ok!!! 

I consider myself lucky because this is the 1st time in my 12 years of being a mum we have had to go to casualty with a childhood accident! The hospitals were amazing but even better my little girl is being fantastic and so helpful. Even though it is horrible he has gone through this it is nice to see how close we are as a family and supportive when times get tricky! 

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