Wednesday, 11 September 2013

12 Years on - September the 11th 2001 (Not the happiest post but a reflective one!!)

I remember this date 12 years ago very vividly. I know a lot of people will because of the enormity and scale of the attack and those in America specifically will remember it even more and probably for more personal reasons than me. But I still like to show my respect and think about those who experienced 1st hand the events of that date. 

I was 18 when it happened and had a 2 month old premature baby, which is why I think it hit home to me a lot more than if it had happened before my little boy was born. My son was ill when he was born and spent some time in special care - however he was cradled in my arms and I was snuggled up on the sofa watching my daytime soaps and telly. As a new mum I was absorbed in every little facial expression and movement my son made when all of a sudden I looked up at the telly. (I couldn't hear the change from the soap to breaking news bulletin because I was still deaf back then!!) But what I witnessed live on the news shocked me to my core! 

From the moment I turned the volume up I was engrossed in the events unfolding before my eyes. I wasn't even aware of these 2 skyscrapers towering above New York until this point - and to see the 2nd plane hit and then the subsequent falling down of them both made me cuddle my son that little bit tighter. 

As the years have passed I have always spared a thought to those involved closely to the days events, I have also since watched documentaries which focus on the events and heroes of the day. But today it is really important in my opinion to think about how lucky I am to be able to watch my kids grow up and become young adults. 

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