Monday, 20 May 2013

A - Z - D Drink drivers and the drinking youth culture!!

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Road accidents in 2011 there were over 10000 people injured by drink drivers. 280 people were killed whilst 1290 were seriously injured! (See source here...)

But most of the victims of drink driving accidents are those who are not under the influence - this includes the elderly and young children. Yet still some drivers still insist they are ok to get behind the wheel of a car!! I do not drive and nor do I drink but I am a daughter and a mum and worry on a regular basis how many idiots are on the road whilst under the influence. It is my worst nightmare that something could happen to my mum or my kids because someone could not make a responsible decision and either not have a drink or have a drink but not drive....
Times are hard in this country and I do not begrudge someone wanting a tipple to take the stress of the day away! But I do believe that one drink can lead to more and stresses can mean some people find it hard to stop drinking even when they are over their personal limit! 
And there are those people who do not work who spend all day watching telly and drinking - using benefit money to sit there paralytic  How does this happen?..... Looking around the supermarkets it is hardly surprising people can afford to drink so much and so often. There are offers on bulk buying alcohol all the time - and own brand alcohol is so cheap therefore it is not surprising that so many people drink so much so often......

For this reason unfortunately I can not see this problem getting better in the future- the government make so much tax on the sale of alcohol that they will not take measures to prevent this excessive drinking. They will not make it harder to buy alcohol when they can earn money from the sales. The state of the economy will mean more people will want a drink to eradicate the stress of life and in my opinion the country will get worse before the country improves. 

So I have a feeling this pet peeve of mine will continue for a long time - how many people will suffer from alcohol related accidents in the mean time???? 

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