Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A-Z the letter C (Coalition Government and how everyday families are suffering!)

This one was tricky - my first thought went to Cruelty to animals and then Chewing with your mouth open! 
But eventually I settled on the state of England and in particular since the Coalition Government came into power..... 
(This does not mean that I think Cruelty to animals is not as bad as this, however Cruelty is a common peeve or hate and the majority of 'normal' people agree it is wrong. I thought the Coalition Gov was a more 'risque' post and something specific to 2013 which is why I opted for this!!) 

I am not a political person, I know very little on the in's and outs of life in Westminster (in this era anyway - historically I know more about politics!) but I do know how everyday people up north feel about the situation created down south on the banks of the Thames. This maybe a generalisation because I can not speak for all us Northern folk, but everyone I speak to is disgusted at the state of the country now. It has been increasingly getting worse for many years, but since the two culprits above came into power the lower classes seem to have been made lower. The job market is poor yet benefits changes are been made which mean people suffer (bedroom tax is a prime example of this!). The only people who do not seem to suffer at these cut backs and the inflation rates are those sat in the houses of parliament and the fat cats in charge of major companies. 

But the worst thing in my opinion is the ignorance of this suffering and hardship. Tv programmes highlight situations for poorer people on a weekly basis. (Recently Skint on Channel 4, and even programmes like Secrets of Shoplifters illustrate how times are hard) yet we still have politicians stating they could live on £50 a week!!!!!!!!!!!
Do they know and appreciate how hard it is to feed people on a small budget? how difficult it can be saying no time and time again to kids who want an icecream or sweets? I sincerely doubt that!!!! Not all those people who shoplift or do perhaps 'dodgy' things are career criminals- they are parents who are struggling to put food on the table and clothes on kids backs. 

As a family we have not shoplifted or been reduced to low levels to provide for our children. But my husband has now lost his job due to health issues and is unfit to work for  the unforeseeable future. I am looking for work but with these gunky ear infections and deafness it is a struggle. So now we are going to be one of those families who struggle and have to survive on state handouts!! It is worth mentioning my hubby has worked full time and paid his taxes and National insurance for 27 years. So it is bad and wrong to be surviving on government money - but he has paid into the pot over the years! 

Never would we be reduced to stealing to cope with this downfall - but it gives us an understanding on how people can do this because there are more people out there who are much worse off than us!! As a family we are resourceful and can make cheap and healthy food and repair things instead of replacing but not everyone has the know how or ability to cook properly or mend things. 

I just wish that David Cameron and Nick Clegg could see this; not all people who claim benefits are avoiding work but the majority of them are people who are just down on their luck and struggling to eat and stay warm. They should look at families like mine and many others I know and realise how life is for people who are not in power and who do not have life savings and an inheritance! People who are ill or who have been made redundant because of the state of the economy should not be put in the same category as those idiots who purposely sit on their butts all day and have no intention of working (legally). 

I could go on about this because it a subject so close to me and many people I know and care about - and I accept that this government did not necessarily cause this- but they are not helping and still remain ignorant to a lot of people's plights!
But a magic wand can not be waved - I have a feeling the situation is set to get a whole lot worse before it gets better!!! 
Would be interesting to know what others think?
It will also be interesting to look back and review this situation and subject in a year or more and see my opinions on it then!!! 

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