Monday, 13 May 2013

A-Z of things which annoy me or I don't like ..... today is the letter A (Alphabet challange!!)

I am a bit late in the day with this series of posts but I have been neglecting this blog a bit because I have hit a bit of a rut.....

Seeing this type of thing on other people's amazing blogs made me want to start my own so the letter today is A.

The  little image at the side of this might just give the game  away because  adverts on telly are one of my pet peeves. Yeah I know its a trivial matter and not important in day to day life - but to me there is nothing more annoying (which  begins with an A that gets on my wick!!!) 

Because of this one of my fave inventions of the 21st century is Sky+, been able to record programs so you can fast forward  them at the annoying bits is bliss for someone like me.
In general I use adverts to try and conquer a level on Candy Crush Saga  or read several chapters of my boo, so I will admit they are handy for that reason. But the same repetitive slogan or song time after time makes me tut at the telly.... (Go Compare anyone?!?!)

(Added the day after) - thinking about this post I thought I was unfair. I know advertising is big business and employs a lot of people in its various forms, I also appreciate how much media influences us in day to day life. Which does not remove this 'peave' of mine - but perhaps makes me less annoyed about it. 

(Hopefully the letter B will not be far behind this post!!) 

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