Saturday, 2 March 2013

My cooking - Chocolate Treats! Fudge and Hot Choc!

 I like chocolate! I like making new things with chocolate - here are two things I have made recently that both kids (and me) really enjoyed!

Hot Chocolate 
The kids wanted some hot chocolate but we didn't have some - however we had a lot of chocolate bars and treats in the cupboard so I decided to make my own! I melted chocolate in milk (using the microwave) and then to mix really well I used a blender - this created a frothy top. I added to this froth with some yummy whipped cream, crushed maltesers and some orange chocolate matchmakers!! They looked amazing but tasted a lot better!! I was quite proud of myself. Within minutes I went from being the mum of two disappointed kids to having two happy chocolated up kids!

Chocolate fudge (quick & easy) 
This was a personal challenge to myself because over the years I have tried unsuccessfully to make fudge about 3 or 4 times. It hasn't worked out so I have become frustrated. For some reason this morning I woke up determined to try something new and found an easy recipe for fudge!! I thought I would give it another go because this version looked simpler. 
To make I warmed up 400g dark choc (50%+ cocoa solids) with 25g of butter and a tin of condensed milk. Once all these ingredients were melted together I whisked in 100g of icing sugar (sifted). Once it is stiffer then put in a greased lined tin and set in the fridge before cutting into squares. 

In hindsight (that wonderful thing) I should have used an electric whisk because there are still icing sugar crystels showing - but that does not effect the taste! It is yummy!!!!! 

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