Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Neverending Winter........

Like a lot of the UK I woke up Friday morning to find snow covering everywhere. This is the 22nd march (above photo) so officially the 2nd day of Spring. My son was pleased because his school was closed, my daughter's school was one of the only ones in the area to be open but she was worried her after school disco would be cancelled. And the other half stressed some more about heating costs. 
Nothing can be done about the weather though - so we went to bed hoping that the snow would go or stop at least.....

But it didn't as the other two photos show!! 
I like snow.... its good cheap family fun. But like most things there is a time and place for it... spring is for daffodils, baby birds and lambs. Not snowballs and icicles!!! I cant help but feel for all the animals who would usually be having babies at this time... all the lambs out in the fields shivering instead of frolicking! All the birds trying to build nests in tree branches laden with snow! 

I just hope it doesn't last too long.... I have had enough of this cold now...

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