Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Great Spring Clean 2013

In all the time we have lived in this house I have not given it a proper spring clean. In my mind a spring clean involves a deep clean and vacuum of all rooms, a massive de-clutter and organisation of household items and 'junk/treasured possessions' - all done in the same time period.

I don't want it to seem like I haven't cleaned at all - I have done all the above - in all the rooms - but not in the same weekend / weekly period.

I officially can not live with it any more though. Yes I have been recovering from my operation and so has the other half. But all the books, cds, dvds, games, teddies, clothes and ornaments are making me feel like I am drowning in crap!!

Slowly but surely I am de-cluttering - the other day I did music magpie to reduce some of my cds and jeans. Then yesterday I sold some old, unwanted and broken jewellery. I've donated some books to the local library and I've stockpiled items for a car boot.

But today I have bitten the bullet and made a somewhat small start to my huge, ginormous list!! It might take a while - but I will just work my way through it and tick them off. After all an organised tidy house leads to an organised tidy mind?

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