Friday, 8 March 2013

REVIEW / WISHLIST - MooKow Army Jewellery

I like it when I come across a company on Facebook or Twitter, especially if they sell amazing stuff. MooKow Army definitely fits that specification. I like quirky and usual and this place has that but it also has cute and adorable too.
These Strawberry cupcake earrings are priced at £2.50 and have flecks of glitter in them which makes them sparkly! I know a lot of little girls (and big girls) who would like to add these to their collection.

These Monochrome Star earrings are on trend and adorable. At the attractive price of £2.00 these would enhance any trendy black and white outfit!

There is a full range of the quirky and fantastic Lego Earrings - and this is such a simple idea but so effective. You could colour coordinate lego according to the clothes you have on that day!

For animal print lovers there is this Pink Leopard Print Choker at £6.00 it is approx 13" long and fastens with a clasp. (There are a lot of more gothic-y chokers and necklaces on there too. Something for everyone!!

  This Alice in Wonderland key necklace has to be one of my all time favourites. It is £8.99 and has diamante detail which always makes it that bit more special. The Alice in wonderland range is all excellent though, if I am honest I would be happy to add any to my jewellery collection. 

         I am not a big broch wearer however there are some in the Cameo range on here that I would definetely purchase. This gothic female Cameo  would match some of my tattoos! It is priced £6.50.

Some more outstanding items are these Strangeling Figurines  by Jasmine Becket-Griffith are so fab!! It was a tough choice because I do like them all - but this Valentine Dragon (£14.00) has to top my poll of favourites!! This would look amazing on my shelf!

Love Never Dies Cruet Set is found snuggled within the sale category and priced at £9.99 would be a welcome sight among my condiments!

For a special occasion or a fancy dress night out there is also a massive range of Fashion Contact lenses at the very reasonable price of £13.00. To help care for these there is also a care pack that you can buy for £2.99.

Finally (otherwise I will end up showing you every item that is sold!!) there is this Alchemy Gothic single black rose. I would make myself an unusual flower arrangement using several of these and priced at £2.50 I would be able to make it look impressive! 

So I really recommend checking this site out. Even if you have not got a gothic or quirky style there are lots of items which I am sure you will like - or even know someone that does! I know that as soon as I get a job I will be visiting to purchase some items and not just drool over them!! 

There is also a Facebook page too - with some additional items for sale. 

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