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REVIEW - Bionsen Deodorants

The photo my little girl took!! 
Without disclosing too much information I have always suffered with sweating problems, especially in summer - but unfortunately in the colder months too!
Over the years I have spent a small fortune on new innovative products to help with my dilemma - but nothing I had tried has stood up to my expectations.

Until..... I tried Bionsen. I very fortunately got sent some of these products to try and I am so pleased I did. Although I was not expecting a natural aluminium and paraben free deodorant to work - it did. The smell reminds me of the freshness of baby powder but it is subtle so it does not overpower perfume. But more significantly I got through the whole day without any excess sweating and damp patches. Which until I tried the products was a totally rare event.

I don't just like the product and its effectiveness though - I think the packaging is a lovely design and colour. I am not a girly girl so the blue colour suits me and my bathroom shelf!

Here comes the science bit.... the deodorants themselves consist of a unique blend of Japanese Spa minerals which originate from volcanic spas in Japan. The range of products has been tested by the Clinic of Dermatology at Siena University and are free from aluminium and parabens. There are potential links between these chemicals and breast cancer but further research is needed before a conclusion is reached on these links. 

The Bionsen ingredients deodorises  naturally whilst allowing skin to breath and pores to remain unblocked so staying fresh is natural. 
Deodorant Roll on 50ml 

Because they are so gentle and suitable for sensitive skin it makes them ideal for those who suffer with skin complaints, I also would consider using this deodorant for my daughter when she reaches the age that she needs it. 

If you feel like trying out the Bionsen products (which I do recommend) then you can buy them from Morrisons supermarket or online at

There is a Deodorant Stick (40ml)
Deodorant Roll on (50ml - £2.35 at Morrisons) 
Deodorant Pump Spray (100ml - £2.75 at Morrisons)
Deodorant Aerosol Spray (150ml) 
Deo Total Body (20g of Crystals) 

Normally I do not like Roll on's or more 'damp' type deodorants but I found no problems with this type. I used both the Roll on and the Pump Spray and will be looking for the other types when I go on my weekly shop! 

Check out their twitter page here BionsenBeauty
Or their Facebook page here  BionsenBeauty

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