Saturday, 16 March 2013

Website Review and Wishlist - ORTAK JEWELLERY

Is a jewellery website that I came across a couple of weeks ago now.

What struck my eye first of all is the elegant and classy design of the website itself. The white background is a neutral colour which makes the items themselves stand out more upon the page and you are not distracted by pop ups and advertisements, leaving you to focus on the wonderful items. 
The layout makes the website very easy to navigate around and technically all the links I clicked when exploring the designs worked. There is nothing worse than a broken hyperlink!! 


Contemporary Jewellery - 

The price for this is £68 and the sterling silver and purple amethysts work so well together and compliment each other perfectly! 

I adore chunky silver jewellery and this ring is such an eyecatching piece. I would wear it everyday and on special occasions (like my super rare nights out!!)
I think it is a very reasonable price too at £47.

Classic Jewellery

This ring comes with a selection of stone or enamel inserts. Which honestly means I would find it hard to pick just one! Wouldn't it be good to be affluent enough to afford one of every style! (Maybe when I win on ITV?!?) The prices vary depending on the finish and it is sold in many styles.

There is a full range of this circular jewellery which is based on patterns left in Scottish rocks. I love the idea of a modern, trendy piece of jewellery which is inspired by nature.  These are priced at £26 and would make a lovely gift for someone.


Perfect for a new or expecting family, this is an adorable keepsake that would make a wonderful present. 
Priced at £19.50 it is affordable to those on a limited budget. There is also a matching 'Baby Boy' version which is equally as cute.

Another little gift idea - I like this almost retro design which is simple and useful too! This would be a welcome addition to my make up bag. Costs £14.10 

Current Promotions

March madness - Exclusive Online only. Some fabulous jewellery at amazing prices. 
Zodiac Promotions - I love this offer - depending on which month it is there is a reduction on the birthstone necklace  The usual RRP is £49 but if purchased between the dates that correspond with the Zodiac sign then the necklace is £37. (For example if the Aries Gemstone is bought between 1st March - 19th April then it is the lower price) 

Mailing list & Brochures

To ensure that you do not miss out on any new items or awesome offers then you can sign up to the mailing list  HERE ...

There is also an option to download various - Catalogue downloads

In future when I am shopping for presents or even contemplating treating myself then this is a website that I will definitely click on again! I have signed up to the mailing list so in future I will be aware of all promotions. And without a doubt I would recommend this website and company to other people! 

If you like the designs above and want to see more then check it out - a lot of the styles can be customised with metal type and stone or enamel finish. So you can really create a piece which is personal to you! 


Any comments and/or questions I am always happy to answer and will get back to you as soon as possible.
B xx