Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Frustration and a gum shield!

So after another trip to the ENT hospital about my ears I am no clearer on how long this problem of mine is going to last! 
It was an early appointment but we dropped our daughter off at school and hurried there, this time they could do a hearing test- the drops had thankfully cleared my ears enough. So I sat there with the super sexy rubber headphones and got increasingly worried that I could not hear half as many beeps as I should! This means my hearing is even worse! Which I knew anyway! 
So we dutifully waited to see the specialist, it was one I had seen before so I was reassured that he would listen to me and my concerns and hopefully he would sympathise with my problem! Which he did - he understood exactly how frustrating and debilitating it has been having this leaky infection for over 2 months now. But there is not a lot he can do - he suctioned my left ear out (yuck) which helped increase hearing levels in that ear. Reassured me that contrary to what the Doctor said last time the T-Tube they fitted in my ear IS still there. He then examined the right ear - which is the one that gives me the most pain and worry. Apparently it is an healthy ear and the pain is coming from my jaw and not my ear. So now I am to spend 2 weeks on Ibuprofen to reduce any inflammation and buy a gum shield to wear at night, with the hope of it stopping me grinding my teeth. I also have to stop smoking!! (I know I need to stop smoking - its easier said than done!!!!!) I got given more drops to try and reduce the bit of infection residing in my left ear and another appointment for 3 weeks to see if these simple steps have helped with the pain! 
If the infection does not go then it could mean having the T Tube removed which brings me back to an inverted eardrum! 

I am just left frustrated and annoyed! I feel like the pain is definitely in my ear and not the jaw, but maybe I will be proved wrong?! 
I've been told the smoking will mean I never fully get rid of the infection - but the cynic in me believes that Doctors advise you to stop smoking as a matter of course no matter what the illness or problem! 

But I am going to follow advice and buy a gum shield, take regular anti-inflammatories and try to reduce the smoking. We will see in 3 weeks what the next step is! 

I am not bothered I need hearing aids - that I have learnt to live with! However I do not want to spend my whole life with gunk leaking out of my ears on a regular basis. 

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