Thursday, 21 February 2013

TV I love at the moment!

Being a family with not many pennies we go out very rarely. TV is my evenings entertainment - and if there is a programme I consider fab then it can sometimes help me get through the day. (Yeah I know I need a life and I am sure when the kids are a bit older and I am working then there will be more to my evenings than something good on the box.)

At the moment I have quite a few favourite programmes -

This is historical and has graphic violent scenes in and it is this type of drama and viewing I prefer over anything. I have read a lot of literature about Jack the Ripper and the era that he terrorised the community; so I especially like that this is set in the same time period but only has echoes of the devastation the mysterious Ripper created.
Now the story has developed answers have been given to questions raised by the American characters and it all ties in to worldwide current affairs. I have read somewhere this show has been given another series so I am excited at what is in store.

CALL THE MIDWIFE (BBC)  Another series based in another era. I actually read all the books before this series began last year. I loved these books and nearly had kittens when I discovered it was to be made for TV. Now we are nearing the end of the second series I am hoping that the powers that be allow us the pleasure of a 3rd set of Poplar adventures.
The main reason I like watching Nurse Jenny and co. is because each episode has highs and lows, it takes the viewer on a real journey. An episode which can bring tears to your eyes is balanced out with a heart warming tale which restores faith in human kindness or human nature. It also highlights just how diabolical living conditions were not 70 years ago, so again an educational programme which has made my children ask some interesting questions about life back then.

With even more blood and drama then Ripper St, the whole three series' of this programme has excited me. It has everything I like in a programme - cute (half naked men), quite naughty bedroom scenes and graphic but believable realistic fighting. The dialogue adds to the authenticity of the script and although it is spoken as it would be back in Roman times it is still easy to understand and follow.
I was upset when I heard that this would be the final 10 episodes- but it is a story that reached a conclusion in real life so it needs to reach a conclusion in the TV programme. I feel like I must also mention that Andy Whitfield who played Spartacus did unfortunately pass away in 2011 so as viewers we are lucky he recorded these for us to enjoy.

Not liking Kevin Bacon much I was not that interested initially in watching this. However benefit of the doubt and all that... and my conclusion is that although he is a OK actor and plays a good character I still don't like him much. But I do like the concept of this programme and can see how a cult following could occur in real life society. In fact as I was watching it this week I found it so tense... I honestly can't remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat so much when I was watching something. It has only been a few episodes so the tension and drama may diminish as they progress but I will definitely be sticking around to give it a chance.

There is a lot of other TV that I watch on a regular basis - but at this moment in time these 4 are the ones that I look forward to on an evening!

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