Wednesday, 13 February 2013

3 Appointments 1 day (hospital and School!)

Tuesday the 12th was a busy day for me - finally I had an appointment with the specialist who operated on my ears. Since I had been having non-stop trouble with them I was looking forward to hopefully getting some answers and knowing why they have not stopped leaking. However it was not going to be that straight forward.

It had been several months since my hearing aids had been serviced and the tubes were becoming brittle so needed replacing, trying to save petrol I made the appointment at audiology for roughly the same time as my ENT appointment. Arriving on time we were seen by a lovely lady who changed my tubes and insisted on trying to talk to me whilst I wasn't wearing them, you would think that someone used to working with people hard of hearing she would wait until I could hear before speaking!! haha

Tubes changed I was pleased that had gone easily with no issues - it wasn't until I got home I realised that she had cut them the wrong lengths and it was rubbing me!! But hubby managed to sort that thankfully!!

Anyway as I was waiting to see the specialist I got sent for a hearing test, this is a must before any hearing appointment. But the guy doing the tests told me he couldn't do it until my ears had been suctioned because there was too much 'gunk' in them! (My words not his!!!) so back to the waiting room we went! Eventually we were called to see the specialist after been sat in total for about an hour. She attempted to suction my ears out - which is a very unpleasant experience and then informed me that the T-tube they fitted in the operation was not there anymore!! I am renowned for loosing things but this was implanted into my body so was not something I had expected to misplace. Then she informed me that because my ears were so 'wet' (her words) she couldn't do anything else until I had used a course of drops to dry them out!!

So all in all it felt like a complete waste of time and I was super frustrated that the operation was not a success and that they couldn't tell me anything there and then! It also took several hours for me to cope with the pain the suctioning had caused and the pain the ear drops give me when I put them in. But as i spoke to hubby about it I realised it was probably a good thing because now they have seen me when my ears are at their worst and have a vague idea of how I am coping daily! (Or not coping!) Now it is a case of waiting for the drops to hopefully dry my ears out and seeing where we go next. I am not prepared to be in pain with pressure and leaking ears forever so I will be making sure when we visit again in a couple of weeks that I make my feelings clear! The operation was painful and I didn't want it anyway but I believed it was for the best so I went ahead - now it seems like it was a waste of time and has caused me more problems! But we shall see......

My final appointment of the day was my little girls parents evening! And it was Proud mummy time - she is an excellent pupil and more importantly in my opinion a lovely and polite child who is always offering to help the others in her class who are not as fast / efficient at their work. The only  (minor) problem is the issue of her wanting to be everyone's friend when she does not always get on with them so then the teacher has to solve silly little girl arguments. But this is true for several girls in her class and something I have spoken to her teacher about a few times. We have reached the conclusion that this group of girls have a love hate relationship and is something that might not be fixed until they all mature that bit more - if ever cos some girls can be clique all the time. In general though her attitude and school work are fabtastic so I am more than pleased and made her well aware that she was doing brill!

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