Saturday, 23 February 2013

My reading so far.... 26 books in 2013

 I know I have always read a lot of books, well a lot of everything; shampoo bottles when in the bath , packets of food when I am cooking etc... But it is only now I have started making a note of them HERE that I realise just how much I read!

26 books so far (23rd Feb)

I love reading and have done since I was little, I was once told by my paternal Grandma that I used to wait for my dad to come home from work so I could pinch his newspaper to read - I was 2!

Since then I have moved onto 'proper books' and enjoy a wide variety of genres. To fund this addiction I make the most of my local library, where I live there is a function to log online and reserve books free of charge. This means I don't have to spend hours walking around with my neck to one side as I browse the titles on the shelves.  Don't get me wrong I love browsing books but it can be a bit repetitive week in week out. But now I just log onto and check out my recommendations then reserve them online at the library.

Yeah I might have to wait for the latest releases, but I can always do research on which books I would like to read which are similar and then try another author in the meantime, and this way I still get to have a book to hand without  it costing any money.

I feel odd without a book on the go, even more odd when I have not got any on my 'to read shelf'. Am I the only reader who feels like this?...

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