Sunday, 10 February 2013

Update positive, competition wins and puppies!

It has not all been doom and gloom however.

On the competitions side I have had some joy because the other day I received 2 parcels and was notified about 2 wins. All in the same day!!  I got some fantastic nail varnish through a blog and some herbal botanics cream which looks to be amazing stuff. And I am still waiting on £100 love2shop vouchers being delivered and some erotic fiction. It is these wins like these which give you incentive to keep entering more competitions whilst crossing your fingers that one day the 'Big Prize' will come my way.

I do update my competition win page when I receive a prize so as soon as my new wins come my way I will be adding to that list!!

On another note we are getting a puppy. I did mention this on the post I wrote on my birthday, but now they have been born. It is my mums dog which is a mixed breed spaniel type heinz 52 pooch and on the 5th Feb she delivered 4 healthy puppies. Although times are tough we believe another dog will help Cherry the pooch we already have, and the kids adore animals so in a couple of months we will have a new baby to add to the household. (The hardest thing is choosing which one to get because they are all so incredibly cute!!)

There are a few people who have mentioned in passing that we must be silly to get another dog when we are going through a tough time. But it means to afford it I need to cut down on my smoking, this will be hard but worth it for the kids and my health. I firmly believe pets are a benefit to children and a household, and because my ears are so bad I always feel reassured that I have a furry friend to help me out when someone is at the door or the kids are shouting me! (A doorbell on legs! someone said the other day!)

When I have photos and other news on this new addition then I will do another post!! But I am like a big kid and so excited!

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