Tuesday, 29 January 2013

10 Random Facts about me!

I wanted to make a note of things about me that are not so obvious about myself and my personality - so these little facts of randomness might explain me a bit more. 
  1. When eating a sandwich made with bread (as opposed to T-cakes etc...) I always have to eat the rounded edge last. Don't know why but this is something I have done as long as I can remember! 
  2. I am a spot picker - its a gross habit and one I am trying to break, yet still sometimes I find myself in front of the mirror trying to pop the latest pimple. (!!Yuck!!) 
  3. My fave animal is a Hippo - again no idea why this is but have always loved these animals.
  4. My fave colour is purple - although I mainly wear all black clothes. My wardrobe looks pretty dark when you open it.   
  5. I love nature and the country side - and can spend ages at my kitchen window watching the birds there. Even though they are just the run of the mill blackbirds and sparrows. 
  6. I hate shopping, unless that shopping involves charity shops, jumble sales and car boot sales. 
  7. I am a caffeine addict, when I am not drinking latte coffees (made with my life saving Tassimo machine) then I am supping Coca Cola. I detest energy drinks though.
  8. I find it hard to throw things away, my house ends up very cluttered with the amount of cheap books and other goodies I pick up when I am in the local charity shops. 
  9. I was a young mum, I fell pregnant at 17 and had my son when I was 18. He was also 6 weeks early and in special care for a while so it was a bit of a shock and a big wake up call for life!!!
  10. I love learning, even when I am selecting fiction books to read I try to pick something that will teach me a little bit about another way of life. You can see this sometimes if you look at the page of books that I have read! But studying and education is very important to me and in the future at some point I hope to continue to expand my knowledge and earn more qualifications. 

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