Monday, 7 January 2013

Competition addiction and my 1st win in 2013

Like a lot of people whose blogs I follow - I love competitions!

It all began about 10 years ago when my son was little and over this time I have reaped some rewards from it! About 5 years ago I had a super lucky year and won a laptop, £500 Debenhams vouchers, Designer handbags, a bumper collections of books and DVDs etc...

Unfortunately although I am still winning the odd prize I haven't had a massive win since then.

But here we are the 1st week into the year and I have received an email saying i've won a £50 voucher from Shoezone. Who doesn't love shoes??

Now I am sat thinking my luck may be about to change - in the advent competitions I won several books and as a reader I was pleased with this. But we are scrimping every penny at the moment so a treat like this voucher is very much appreciated!

My fave site for finding competitions is - here they are layed out in a way I can easily select the ones that I want to enter. Plus with the new improved tracking system it is easier than ever to save comps, mark them as read and even add notes to a link! If you have a bad memory like me this is perfect.

I did check on occasion too - however this site is no longer listing new comps. I still believe the useful and friendly forums are available and it is still a useful website but without regular new listings then it isn't as effective at finding competitions as prizefinder.

Social media is also a fab tool for competitions, especially combined with Rafflecopter. I must admit I am getting to the point with Twitter where I have reached my follow limit - and unless I become mega popular overnight i find myself having to unfollow people I don't want to. I'm debating whether to set up another twitter but following those who follow me because I follow some but i now realise I should follow ALL who follow me.

Potentially that could raise almost ethical questions and I will have to limit myself to just entering a competition using just the one twitter account! - Definitely something to think about!

Any hints / tips or even comping questions please comment - I am by no means an expert but I do know a but from over the years.

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