Saturday, 12 January 2013

REVIEW: Cadbury's egg + spoon!

I am a sucker for new product's and a big fan of Cadbury's.So when I saw this small purple egg box in Co-op I needed to try this yummy chocolate. Unfortunately the £3.99 price put me off a bit.Then the next week during my Iceland shop I saw the yummy chocolate again for £2

The big kid in me was SO excited to sample this new novelty yummy treat and my kids shared my enthusiasm.

It consists of 4 small foil wrapped eggs and 2 mini purple spoons.The idea is once you have eaten the top of the egg you get a mini spoon and eat the chocolate moose filling inside.Like a chocolate boiled egg almost!!! I shared them with my family and my daughter smashed the top of her egg with her spoon!  Both kids loved them, they thought the chocolate mousse inside was so creamy. I saw 2 flavours, the chocolate one I bought and another one with creamy mousse inside. Been a die hard chocoholic I opted for the chocolate one and I did tend to agree with the children because it was a lovely creamy and sweet mousse.

All in all for a novelty treat this is another good idea from Cadburys, however I personally couldn't eat all four myself so it was lovely to share them. With Easter only a few months away I am definitely considering buying some more (as gifts). I am a big believer that food and snacks should be fun and memorable. Its the fun things that are creating memories for them as they get older and fun shouldn't just apply to days out and games.

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