Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Fun !!

7am this morning when I looked out! 

After waiting several days for a decent amount of snow we woke up this morning to a text from my son's school telling us it was closed. We went downstairs and opened the curtains to see a white over!! I love seeing the white blanket which covers everything.

Mr Cool Bear!! 

cola bear

It did mean though that I could put off the snow man building no longer. Me being me though wasn't happy with just making a run of the mile carrot nosed man. I wanted something a little different - originally I wanted to do a Skull - the goth in me escaping again!! But that idea was not a popular one - so it was bears!

My son was not up for getting cold again - especially not when he had his warm room and Xbox to keep him amused - but his little sister and I got snuggled up and set off building. He watched and provided commentary from his cosy room above us!!

We are very pleased at the results and the funniest thing is every time we let the dog out she stops and stares at them like she is wondering what the 2 strange things are stood in 'her' garden. Keep expecting her to begin barking at them!

the snow bear family

 My daughter built the little snow bear herself with a little help from dad. She thought that the big bear was lonely so it needed a fruitshoot friend so she grabbed the sledge and started building. We recycled most bits e.g eye's nose's and accessories. 

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