Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ears, Competitions, Jobs & My last rant!

Thought after my 'rant' the other day I should face the music and write another post explaining myself a bit more. I think I may have mentioned the fact I suffer from depression - I have done since I was 14. It's a condition I can usually manage but every so often I do explode. It doesn't help that my ears are still infected - think its coming up for 6 weeks now - it is making me all irritable and moody. So the post the other day was written when emotional and in a bad place. I did debate whether to just delete it - but that means deleting thoughts and feelings that were right at that moment in time. So its staying....

No updates on my ears - I did go back to see the doctor last week but just left feeling upset. She gave me antibiotics for the gunky ear infection but admitted that they probably wouldn't work. Apparently my condition means I am likely to need micro-suction to clean them out on a regular basis, which annoys me because the operation I had was supposed to improve the infections and the gunk.

Been up to my eyeballs with the job hunt - and I have applied for more positions. There is one that I really want so badly. It is perfect for me and I have relevant qualifications - but because I have been a stay at home mum for 10 years I have little experiance. Someone somewhere has to give me a chance to get this experience - so i am really hoping its this school that will give me a chance. On a good note though I have got an interview with Childline and the NSPCC for a volunteer role. It is in February so I will keep you updated.

Still waiting for my big competition win - haha- I have won a book from PGUK via facebook - will take photo when it arrives. And I am still waiting for 2 prizes to be delivered so every morning its exciting just waiting for the postie to arrive!!!

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