Friday, 11 January 2013


This website is one that I wish that I had found five weeks ago when I was rushing around like a headless chicken trying to find all the Christmas presents. Not only is the choice of products amazing 
but there is the option to personalise and engrave the majority of the gifts. Which in my opinion turns a special present into a unique and heartfelt one. 
Engraved Fingerprint trinket box

The range of gifts is very extensive, I do believe I could find almost everyone in my family a gift personal to them. There are alcohol related gifts like personalised bottles and glasses, Soft toys, bags, Mugs, Trinket boxes, Stationary and gifts for football fans. In fact for the sport mad man there are a wide range of gifts varying from Formula one to Fishing and Golf. Sporting Gifts
Personalised England Scoreboard in a frame. 

Another section of this website which I thought was worth mentioning was the wedding range. For those special people invited to play a special role in the bridal party (bridesmaids, mother of the bride, best men etc...) there are a selection of gifts that be be personalised as a unique reminder of the memorable day. These are affordable and can be made unique with photos and text in some cases.  Wedding Gifts
Wedding Guest Album

The layout, links and photographs are set out in a way that ensures even novice internet shoppers 
can navigate without confusion. This makes my customer experience that much more pleasant and judging by previous customers comments I am not the only one who thinks this website is worth a visit. 

Even though I have missed the boat for Christmas 2012 there are going to be many other opportunities for me to shop here, Valentines day is not long away and then mothers day... the list goes on. Better add to it to the favourites on my browser - I won't be stuck for presents anymore! 


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